GSR Membership Information

Any physician, who is in private practice or academics and their practice area is rheumatology, is eligible for membership.

JOIN THE GSR: Online Application | GSR Membership Brochure / Application pdf

Annual Dues
$100 for Active Members
$50 for Associate Members
$0 for Training Members

Your dues will support:
  • Annual scientific meetings
  • Website:
  • Communication of important information
  • Statewide directory of all members
  • Liaison with agencies such as:
    • ACR
    • Medicaid
    • Public Health
    • MAG
Each year the GSR holds an Annual Meeting featuring both national and local speakers. This is our largest annual CME event. We hold out annual business meeting at this time. View the upcoming Annual Meeting details.

Every 4 to 8 weeks we hold a meeting of the Metropolitan Atlanta Rheumatology Society. These are continuing medical education sessions that are planned around the metro area. All members are invited to attend.